2009-05-26 : Website Template Updated : v2.9.0

Any users upgrading will have to update their style sheets as a new printer style sheet has been added (see enhancement 2).


  1. Improved the RSS and Atom page rendering: Atom now displays entire news items in XHTML. Both now present correct MIME type via header() call.
  2. Added CSS sheets for printing - totally forgot about that one!
  3. Added "Latest Updates" page to show list of latest page updates together with their modification time.

New Setup Variables (see <setup-sample.php> for details)


Bug Fixes


See the downloads page.

2019-05-26 : Desktop PC Upgrade - Monitor

Latest upgrade for my Decktop PC:

2009-05-19 : Advanced Open Water & Enriched Air

I've been busy with diving stuff lately: on the weekend of the 16th and 17th of May I was at Loch Long (at the twin piers) doing 5 adventure dives to gain my PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification!

The dives were (first three dives on the Saturday and the last two on the Sunday):

  1. Peek Performance Buoyancy
  2. Multi-level & Computer
  3. Digital Photography
  4. Deep (compulsory for AOW)
  5. Navigation (compulsory for AOW)

Then on the evening of the 19th of May I did the Enriched Air speciality course which was just run as a dry course, since you don't actually have to dive with enriched air to pass the course - just know its advantages, its dangers and how to analyse & plan dives with it.

What does this mean? Well I can now dive down to a depth of 30m and play with the fishies for a long time with a reduced risk of the bends :-)

Now it's time to spend lots of money on a dry suit, BCD, regulators and a cylinder :-)

2009-05-15 : Wedding Gift List Goes Live

Well it's 6 weeks until the big day, so that means that our wedding gift list is now live at John Lewis and will remain active until 2 weeks after the ceremony.

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