My Gadgets

There's no getting away from it: I'm an electronic engineer and as such I have a fascination with gadgets, especially those that are powered by electricity. I always have and always will :-)

Hopefully I'll be able to maintain my constant stream of gadgetry and if there are any worth mentioning, then I'll knock up a page about them here. Eventualy they may retire.

ATX Bench Power Supply

ATX Bench Power Supply

For those experiments that simply need more than a little USB connection you need more power!

Acer Aspire R3700 [borg]

Acer Aspire R3700 [borg]

This is one of the PCs which has been my media PC and was strapped to the back of the telly. It's a mini-ITX unit that consumes no more than 25W.

My Desktop PC [picard]

Desktop PC [picard]

Obviously, I really need a higher power desktop PC for doing some serious work on... or just surfing the web ;-)

Nook Simple Touch

Nook Simple Touch

Fancy a cheap Android tablet that is daylight readable (with an e-ink display)... then root a Nook Simple Touch.

Raspberry Pi [gav-pi1]

Raspberry Pi [gav-pi1]

Any gadget man worth his salt these days must have at least one Raspberry Pi - well this is my 2nd one - my Mum has the 1st.

My House Server [v-ger]

The Server [v-ger]

This is my low power house server that is powered up 24/7. It is a mini-ITX motherboard that consumes no more than 25W. It's part of my house multimedia system.

Naming My Computers

Being a bit of a geek and since my computers all run GNU / Linux ... they just have to be named.

Some people I know call their computers by malt whiskies, others by Scottish islands. I decided to go with Star Trek characters. My first PC was called "kirk" and when I upgraded it, the "next generation" of my desktop PC was naturally called "picard" As you may have noticed, my laptop is quite small, so it just had to be called "tribble" and my house server that does everything and collects / stores all information is called "v-ger". This is the new server, as the old one, "data" became the media PC in the living room, which has since been superseded by "borg".

Linux Counter

Let's estimate just how many Linux computers are around the globe:

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