Even though I'm becoming a dab hand at PHP (or the simpler functions of PHP at least), I did call upon the World Wide Web to search out a few things for me. So, credit where credit is due. In no particular order, here are the credits that I must make for little snippets of code in the writing of this website software:

An invaluable resource of PHP - after all it's where PHP comes from. Not only is the on-line manual helpful, but various postings from people have helped. I never took note of individual pages that I've used - there are just too many to mention!

In order to validate the form of an e-mail address used in the Contact and Survey pages, I found this code. I had to modify it slightly so that PHP v4 could understand it (since PlusNet, my ISP only have it installed at time of writing). I basically turned it from a class into a function.


Who posted on daniweb which I found when trying to work out how to read a file into a string directly.

Which has a script written by Holger Eichert to perform a simple string search through text files.

Which gave me pointers for generating GIF or PNG images directly from PHP using the GD library.

Which gave me pointers in parsing XML files into PHP arrays.

Which gave me the social bookmarking icons.

Which gave me the Cookie Concent javascript. Digg Facebook Google LinkedIn LiveJournal NewsVine reddit StumbleUpon Twitter
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