2020-04-09 : More Server Memory

It bothered me for a while that my desktop PC had more RAM than my big server (especially since the server it runs a Linux VM with several Minecraft servers within it).

So, a pair of HP Enterprise 862974-B21 2400MHz 8GiB ECC DDR4 added to the box. Since the other two DIMMs are only 2133MHz, the whole memory system runs at 2133MHz.

A bit of a panic after they were installed though! The PC just kept rebooting after the BIOS POST. I tried swapping the DIMMS around and then just put one of the new ones in at a time thinking that one may be faulty. Nothing! Back to the old configuration... and the server still rebooted after BIOS POST!

After trying various things (including removing the battery), a CMOS reset appeared to do the job. Server functionality restored ... and the Linux VM has twice the RAM allocated that it used to!

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