2018-12-30 : ShredMate


I stumbled upon a nice gadget for my new mountain bike: ShredMate which monitors your G-force through courners and on landing, and also monitors your air-time. Just for fun really... but at least it sync's to Strava!

2018-06-13 : New Mountain Bike

Saracen Mantra Pro

Since James was interested in his mountain biking at school, I figured that it would be nice to take him out at other times too. So, I bought a Saracen Mantra Pro (2018) model. Let's see how much fun it can be :-)

2018-02-02 : Desktop PC Upgrade - Liquid Cooling

Latest upgrade for my Decktop PC:

2018-01-30 : New Server (Running FreeNAS)

FreeNAS Server

With Crashplan ditching its home users, time to upgrade and ruggedise the home server - so long low powered Mini-ITX PC and welcome a bigger and faster server which runs FreeNAS

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