2009-12-03 : Website Template Updated : v2.11.0


  1. Added a simple photo album viewer which scans a specified directory and displays all photos. Each "album" requires a PHP file to point to it and define photo titles / comments. See example in template.
  2. Added a simple search which searches all pages / news feeds (not hidden pages though - there must be a reason that they are hidden!). Note that this is purely a text match. New variable must be added to <setup.php> to enable this feature.

New Setup Variables (see <setup-sample.php> for details)

$my_extra_style_sheet[] (now used by default, not commented out)

Bug Fixes

  1. Discovered that PHP v4 doesn't like strrpos with a "needle" being more than one character. So, "Latest Updates" and "Website Stats" didn't show any files ending in html (this was code introduced to look for link files).

See the downloads page.

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