Multimedia System - Photos

Server Side

The server has all of our photos on it. The photo directory is exported as a read-only NFS mount so that the likes of the Media PC can mount it directly into the file-system.

Also, Twonkymedia and Plex servers (that can supply the house with music) can also stream photos.

Client Side

The main way that any photos are viewed is with Kodi on the Media PC, connected directly to the Sony TV.

However, Kodi is also installed on our tablets and phones, so can pick up the same content (made simple if you set up a shared library).

The TV itself is also capable of showing the photos - but served from Twonkymedia. We generally don't do it this was as it just takes so long to find and actually display any content with the TV! Digg Facebook Google LinkedIn LiveJournal NewsVine reddit StumbleUpon Twitter
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