House Multimedia System

As you've probably realised from the fact that I've installed a gigabit network and have a server running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ... it has to be for some reason or other!

Enter the (now a bit dated to be fair, since there are a miriad of streaming services available) world of multimedia :-)

In a nutshell, I can stream music / TV / video / photos to any room in the house over the wired and wireless networks (without the need for any Internet streaming services).

Equipment used

Hardware that I've left behind

Stuff that is still in use, but that I left behind with the ex and kids.

Redundant Hardware

Stuff that I no longer use, but useful things to point out or just spare.

Redundant Software

Software that I no longer use, but useful things to point out. Digg Facebook Google LinkedIn LiveJournal NewsVine reddit StumbleUpon Twitter
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