Bidean nam Bian


3773 feet (1150m)


3rd May 2003


  • Stob Corrie nan Lochan - 3658 feet (1115m)

This was another works outing ... a few more people turned up for this one which was a weekend stay up in Glen Coe: a very picturesque part of the country.

Going up the hill was a struggle for most of the way as it took almost 4½ hours to reach the very top. Coming down I pulled the ham string in my left leg very soon into the descent and had to rest a while. Then as my right leg was compensating, I knackered my right knee. Then my left knee went! By the end of the trek (almost 7 hours later) I could hardly walk! The next day, instead of another hill, we decided to visit the Atlas Brewery for a tour and some refreshment!


  1. Isn't actually the top of the hill, it's Stob Coire nan Lochan ... Bidean is way behind and above the top in this photo!
  2. A rather nice waterfall about a third of the way up to our lunch site.
  3. Our lunch area, 2½ hours after we started.
  4. A little bit further up, showing the final ascent to the first top.
  5. The group finally at the top of Bidean ... it's so high, there was snow!
  6. The Lost Valley looking back up, still an hour to get back to the car from here!

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