Installing A Touchscreen

Caution - not for those of a nervous disposition!

The next of my modifications to me Eee was to fit a touchscreen - well having used PDAs for years and being used to a touchscreen on a small computer ... it just had to be done ;-)

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a lot of photos during this procedure as I was following this procedure for performing the modification. I would highly recommend following this as my Eee lid pretty much fully closes with the touchscreen in place - I've seen others that have a large gap!

There are many places inside the Eee that you can fit a touchscreen controller - you don't necessarily have to put one in the same place as me. However, using double sided sticky tape is a good way to mount it!

So here's how I did it - see how to dismantle the Eee first and then read on ...

Tools required
  • No.1 Philips screwdriver (not pozidrive)
  • Anti-static wrist band
  • Small flat screwdriver
  • Fine tipped soldering iron (0.5mm)
  • 30awg solder
  • Liquid flux
  • 30awg wire (green and white) for USB signals
  • 24awg / 26awg wire (red and black) for USB power
  • Wire strippers
  • Tweezers
  • Hot glue gun (with glue)
  • Magnifying glass
  • digital multi-meter
  • double sided sticky tape
  • kitchen roll

As before, twist some lengths of green and white wire together, then strip and tin the ends of them.

Screen and controller removed
Eee PC 4G (701) - Screen and controller removed
Touchscreen controller (cut down)
Eee PC 4G (701) - Touchscreen controller (cut down)
Touchscreen controller in place
Eee PC 4G (701) - Touchscreen controller in place
Touchscreen in place
Eee PC 4G (701) - Touchscreen in place
Touchscreen wired up
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