Twenty One

Twenty One is a game that starts off simple - and all you have to do is know how to count up to 21 ... well almost!

Play starts with any player who starts counting from 1. Any player may say up to a maximum of 4 numbers before stopping which passes play onto the next player to the left. The person that says the number 21 drinks 2 fingers of their drink.

This is when it gets interesting. After the penalty has been drunk, that player then changes any number to another word, for example changing the number 4 to "donkey." On the next count sequence, "donkey" must be said instead of the number 4, so it would go 1 2 3 "donkey" 5 6 ... At any time if a number / word is said wrong then the penalty is 2 fingers of drink. After the penalty, the person then starts again from 1 (or whatever the number 1 has been replaced by).

To add a bit more interest, try replacing (for example) the number 9 with the word "three." However, so it doesn't get too messy, you may want to limit the number of numbers replaced by other numbers.

Imagine trying to remember this sequence for example ... nine, banana, hooker, donkey, kong, twelve, lager, dirty, three, bike, cuckoo, money, one, randy, dandy, cuboid, furry, minge, smelly, poo, sheep. Digg Facebook Google LinkedIn LiveJournal NewsVine reddit StumbleUpon Twitter
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