Dorito Challenge

This isn't so much a drinking game, but more like something to do when you're drunk and don't mind looking stupid!

You require : a big bowl of Doritos (or some similar cheaper equivalent) and very hot dip - none of your mild sh1t here!

Place the dip on your lap and the Doritos on your legs. A cloth or some other spillage reducing apparatus may be used too!

In a continuous motion, using BOTH hands at the same time, your challenge is to eat as many Doritos as possible. The sequence is pick, dip, eat, pick, dip, eat etc. As you're shoving a dipped Doritos's in your mouth with one hand, your other hand will either be picking up another Dorita's, or dipping a Dorito.

Your attempt ends when you:

  • stop
  • choke
  • drop a Dorito
  • eat a Dorito with no dip on it
  • spit out some (or all) of the contents of your mouth
  • get out of sync and eat 2 Doritos from the same hand in succession
  • or finally, if awitness proclaims that you are going too slow.

If a Dorito is eaten which is not considered large enough (let's face it, they will break) as in at least half of the chip, then the attempt continues, but the small Dorito is not counted. Digg Facebook Google LinkedIn LiveJournal NewsVine reddit StumbleUpon Twitter
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