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dives : 60 | dive time : 36:00:50 | longest : 01:03:30 | deepest : 36.3m

2009-07-11 14:59:00

Dive Number: 24 (dive 6 of repetitive dive after a 3 hour 4 minute surface interval)
Dive time to date: 15:18:24
Dive site: Australia, Flynn Reef, Gordon's Mooring, (16°43'59"S 146°15'57"E)
[coordinates are my best guess]
Dive stats: 01:03:30 dive time to a maximum depth of 12.2 with 20m visibilty
Night ☐ Photo ☑ Wreck ☐
Water entry: Boat dive into salt water with waves and current
Temperature: Air : 27°C, Water : 26°C
Exposure protection: Wet
Cylinder(s): Size : 12l (232bar), Start : 210bar, End : 70bar, O2 : 21%
Weight: 11kg belt
Buddy: Steve Fernee and Yukari
Computer: [Hacked] Suunto Gekko
Notes: Boat moved to Gordon's Mooring and we dived "Mickey Mouse." Loads to see at this site. One of the best so far! Lots of coral of all sorts. Found some "Nemo" clown fish - just hope the photos saved as the batteries went flat. Saw 2 turtles and Yukari was feeding one. Sea slugs / cucumbers everywhere there was sand. Also saw huge bump-head parrot fish.
Dive Profile:
2009-07-11 14:59:00

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