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dives : 60 | dive time : 36:00:50 | longest : 01:03:30 | deepest : 36.3m

2009-11-22 10:14:00

Dive Number: 34
Dive time to date: 20:34:24
Dive site: Scotland, Bass Rock, North Face, (56°4'43"N 2°38'32"W)
[coordinates are my best guess]
Dive stats: 00:25:30 dive time to a maximum depth of 35.1 with 3m visibilty
Night ☐ Photo ☐ Wreck ☐
Water entry: Boat dive into salt water with waves and current
Temperature: Air : 11°C, Water : 11°C
Exposure protection: Dry suit, hood, gloves
Cylinder(s): Size : 15l (232bar), Start : 220bar, End : 120bar, O2 : 21%
Weight: 16kg belt
Instructor: Brian Anderson
Computer: [Hacked] Suunto Gekko
Notes: Did some dive planning before hand and calculated optimum O2 to be 31% for a 35m dive (ppo2 of 1.4), giving a contingency depth of 41.6m (ppo2 of 1.6). Felt much more confident and relaxed this time - was much better visibility and I also had a bright light. Buddied with Keith, who was on his last deep dive. Pony wasn't as much of a hindrance, so buoyancy was much better. Down and up with no problems.
Dive Profile:
2009-11-22 10:14:00

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