My SCUBA Diving Equipment

I'm sure this list will keep growing, but here's what I have just now ...


Beaver, steel, 15 litre.

232 bar with DIN valve, [currently] Oxygen clean.

Oxygen (O2) Sensor

Analox, O2EII

Compact, handheld device with calibration knob, simple single thumb operation and digital read-out.

It's critical to know your O2 content if diving on enriched air as oxygen itself is toxic at depth.

Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)

Oceanic, Probe LX

Primary buoyancy device for on the surface of the water (dry suit used under water). Integrated weight system (although I don't use it). Two huge pockets and two slightly smaller pockets. Four dump valves. Seven D-rings for hanging equipment. Capable of carrying twin 15 litre cylinders.

First Stage Regulator

Oceanic, FDX-10 (DIN valve)

Environmentally sealed, balanced (which makes breathing as easy at 30 metres as at the surface), dry valve (can be submerged when washing), 2 high pressure and 4 intermediate pressure ports, nitrox compatible up to 40% O2.

Reduces the [up to] 300 bar of the cylinder to approximately 14 bar above the surrounding environment.

Primary Second Stage Regulator

Oceanic, Delta 4.1

Lightweight, adjustable inhalation effort, dive / no-dive lever, ball jointed hose for comfort, surge deflector, nitrox compatible up to 40% O2.

Reduces the 14 bar intermediate pressure to the same as the surrounding environment on demand.

Octopus Second Stage Regulator

Oceanic, Aplha 8 Octopus

A simple, "grab me quick and start breathing" affair, but one that's still tested to work at 60 metres. Bright yellow so it's easy for my buddy to see in reduced spectrum light, nitrox compatible up to 40% O2.

Reduces the 14 bar intermediate pressure to the same as the surrounding environment on demand. Buddy's reserve air supply.

Console Gauges

Oceanic, SWIV MaxDepth (Contents / Depth / Compass)

Modular, customisable, phosphorescent displays, swivels around to show third instrument. 60 metres max depth, 400 bar max pressure.

Safety Knife

Underwater Kinetics, Remora Hydralloy

Short blade, no sharp point (so reduced risk of slicing through dry suit), serrated edge for cutting rope quickly.

Dry suit

Otter, Extreme

Designed for extreme temperatures (i.e. Scotland), 4/5mm compressed neoprene, with neoprene neck / cuff seals. Front loader zip, 2 cargo pockets and Apex valves. Keeps me dry and warm!

Weight Belt

Northern Diver, pouch weight belt with lead shot bags.

Six pouches for as much weight as is needed. Standard highly polished buckle for visibility.

Dive Computer

Suunto, Gekko

Phosphorescent display, dive log, nitrox mode, time / depth / ascent alarms.

Primary Torch

Still deciding ...

Backup Torch

SnapSights, SSTorch

Small, lightweight and lasts ages on 4AAA batteries.

Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) & Reel

AP Valves, SMBCi

1.2m high, high-visibility red marker with 0.1 litre, 232 bar cylinder for self inflation. Can also be filled via baffle. Connected to 100 metre reel.

A legal requirement for boat diving in most countries: alert boats to your location before surfacing.


Waterproof, Hydra short 5/7mm

Well it's cold in this country ... need to keep my heid warm!

Mask (and spare mask)

Cressi, Big Eyes Evolution

Excellent all-around visibility and ideal for prescription lenses (although I don't need them - yet) as the two lenses are independent.


Scubapro, Spectra

Wide bore, contoured, flexible bottom end, splash guard and drain valve.


Mares, Avanti X-3 open heel with sprung heel clips

I highly recommend getting these sprung heel clips to replace the default ones. They are far easier and quicker to put on!


Scubapro, 5mm K-Grip

Kevlar reinforces fingers and palms with 5mm neoprene.

Camera Housing

Canon, WP-DC16

For Canon, Powershot A720 IS.

Rated to 40 metres, full access to all functions, weighted to be neutrally buoyant underwater with camera housed inside. Digg Facebook Google LinkedIn LiveJournal NewsVine reddit StumbleUpon Twitter
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