Acer Aspire R3700 [borg]

My Media PC [borg]

This little black box was my main media PC that was strapped to the back of the living room TV and was a replacement for my Nano ITX PC - due to the limited spec of the old box, it just couldn't handle anything other than MPEG 2 / 4 videos. These days a lot of web video content is H264.

Now, since I've now got my Raspberry Pi performing as the media PC, this is a computer for the boys to play with.

My Media PC [borg]

Obviously, it runs a proper operating system: GNU / Linux. The flavour of the moment (due to it's relatively low power) is Xubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver).

Anyway, here are borg's specifications:


Unit: Acer Aspire R3700
(HDMI, VGA, Gigabyte Ethernet, 5 USB, S/PDIF, multi-card reader)
Processor: Intel Atom D525 (1.8GHz)
RAM: 4GByte DDR3, PC10600 (1333MHz), 9-9-9-24 timings
Graphics: NVIDIA ION Chipset
Storage: Sandisk Ultra, class 10 (32GByte micro SDHC)
Optical Drive: None
Monitor: Sony KDL-37W5500 (LCD TV)
Speakers: Kef iQ5SE (floor standing front speakers) and
Cambridge Audio SX-120 (subwoofer) and
Yamaha NS-P230 PDF (surround sound speakers, centre and rear only)
All driven from Marantz NR1504 (A/V receiver & amplifier) Digg Facebook Google LinkedIn LiveJournal NewsVine reddit StumbleUpon Twitter
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