2011-09-25 : Website Template Updated : v2.20.0


  1. Added the option of a PayPal donate button above the first category heading with a few more variables to configure it. The heading used will be a link to a page of the same name, so there needs to be one in /hidden_pages.
  2. Moved the "Contact" captcha to below the comment field and changed "question" to "captcha".
  3. Improved the page title for:
    • "News.php"
    • "Image.php"
    • "Text Viewer.php"
    • "Latest Updates.php"
    • "Website Stats.php"
    All done with a new include file "/includes/meta_title.php" to check for the page call before the page is displayed. Also allows a user definable file to perform similar tasks for their own pages.
  4. Removed meta tag "description" as it was exactly the same content as the title, but was throwing up HTML warnings with Google Web Stats.
  5. Improved the advertising of news feeds, since some servers present the username of the install which may not be desirable. User can now fix how the feeds are advertised.
  6. Allow the user to chose their own captcha question / answers by creating a file called ./user_includes/botty_q_and_a.php where they are listed.
  7. Now filters out any dodgy re-direct requests that have come through as %2520 for a space in the URL... just in case the .htaccess rules aren't working properly.

New Setup Variables (see <setup-sample.php> for details)

  1. $my_paypal_donate
  2. $my_paypal_donate_header
  3. $my_paypal_donate_button_id
  4. $my_paypal_donate_image
  5. $my_feed_path

Bug Fixes


See the downloads page.

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