2010-03-25 : Website Template Updated : v2.14.0


Any users upgrading may want to update their style sheets, although only if they wish to take advantage - see enhancement 1.

  1. Added more <div>s to the style sheet to allow the category headings and all related pages to be played with as a block. Also one for the search.

New Setup Variables (see <setup-sample.php> for details)


Bug Fixes

  1. Added a Windows bug work-a-round to get e-mail to send when running on a Windows server (Contact.php and Survey.php).
  2. Not really a bug, but by default, the example e-mail re-direct is now commented out since some users still can't RTFM!
  3. The meta tag in the page header now only displays the year once if the copyright start and current year are the same (did a similar fix for the page footer back in v2.10.0.
  4. Fixed the social bookmarks that weren't passing specific page parameters to the bookmarking site - although it will still come down to the actual bookmarking site whether it considers the extra parameters to be junk.

See the downloads page.

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