2009-04-06 : Website Template Updated : v2.8.0

Any users upgrading will have to update their style sheets as a new <div> has been added (see enhancement 4).


  1. Changed the "you're a SPAMBOT" section of <Contact.php> as it appears that some people can't figure out to just go back and answer the question correctly!
  2. Added <Survey.php> which allows you to construct simple forms that generate e-mails.
  3. Added facility for a custom "Page Not Found" error page which lives in ./hidden_pages
  4. Put the "(* updated in last 14 days)" text into its own div in the page list div. This allows the font to be changed from the style sheet.

New Setup Variables (see <setup-sample.php> for details)


Bug Fixes

  1. A couple of formatting errors in <Contact.php> fixed.

See the downloads page.

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