2008-12-21 : Website Template Updated : v1.2


  1. Added <Site Map.php> into the <.hidden_pages> and a link in the menu to it. When called it'll display all available pages in the main panel.

New Setup Variables (see <setup-sample.php> for details)

  1. $my_image_width["pencils"]
  2. $my_image_width["wide_pencils"]
  3. $my_image_width["blue"]
  4. $my_image_width["wide_blue"]

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the image width in <Image.php> for displaying. The size was set for "blue" and "wide_blue" style sheets, however "pencils" and "wide_pencils" are different. Widths now set in <setup.php>
  2. Fixed a horrible looking \n in the "News ( Updated )" line. Now on 1 line in the XHTML source.

See the downloads page.

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