2019-12-28 : Cluster Pi

Cluster Pi

After a few years of contemplation, I decided that I fancied experimenting with cluster computing, so ordered a Cluster HAT and a few more Raspberry Pi Zeros to make my Cluster Pi!

Perhaps this will end up as the Internet facing GavsWorld webserver?!

2019-12-14 : Argon One

Argon One Raspberry Pi Case

I think that I may have found one of the best cases ever for a Raspberry Pi 4: the Argon One!

It has a aluminium case (with active cooling on demand) - ideal for cooling the Pi 4; it brings all connectors to the rear panel; it has a software controlled power switch; it even echos the IO header to the top of the unit, underneath a magnetically removeable panel. See it here!

2019-12-01 : Desktop PC Upgrade - NVMe SSD

Latest upgrade for my Decktop PC:

2019-11-18 : Kids PC 2

Kids PC 2

Time for another PC build: Alasdair will be getting his own PC in his room for Christmas!

2019-10-14 : Desktop PC Upgrade - More/Faster DDR3

Latest upgrade for my Decktop PC:

2019-05-04 : Kids PC

Kids PC

Time for another PC build: The boys will will be getting their own PC (in James' room, so you never know - Alasdair may get one of his own at some time!)

2019-03-23 : Desktop PC Upgrade - AMD Piledriver

Latest upgrade for my Decktop PC:

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