2015-10-17 : Desktop PC Upgrade - SSD

Latest upgrade for my Decktop PC:

  • OCZ Vector 180 (120GByte SATA III, SSD root file-system)

2015-09-16 : Pebble Steel Time Arrives

Pebble Time Steel vs Pebble Steel

I think that this is worth mentioning in its own news posting... I've just received my Pebble Time Steel which was a Kickstarter campaign that broke many records! I've been waiting [not very] patiently as I was an earlybird backer.

I think that you'll agree, that Pebble LCARS looks way better in colour!

I'm presently still waiting on my steel strap arriving (it'll come in a later shipment due to manufacturing problems), but side-by-side with my Pebble Steel it looks pretty cool.

2015-09-15 : Website Template Updated : v2.21.1


  1. Added theme choice to Cookie Consent form

New Setup Variables (see <setup-sample.php> for details)

  1. $my_cookie_theme

Bug Fixes


2015-09-14 : Website Template Updated : v2.21.0


  1. Added a Cookie Consent bit of Javascript courtesy of Silktide
  2. Added a "Follow Me" social bookmarking category that uses the same icons as the page social bookmarks.
  3. Added a "viewport" to the page as the 1st stage in making the website more mobile friendly.

New Setup Variables (see <setup-sample.php> for details)

  1. $my_cookie_consent
  2. $my_cookie_message
  3. $my_cookie_dismiss
  4. $my_cookie_learnmore
  5. $my_cookie_link
  6. $my_social_follow_title
  7. $my_social_follow_me[]

Bug Fixes

  1. Not really a bug fix, but removed stale social bookmark icons.

2015-01-07 : Flashy Lights

Some major (or minor / irrelevant depending on your geekiness level) news... I now have all of the lights on my DSL WiFi router flashing again!

After just over two years of participating in the SamKnows / Ofcom monitoring survey to see how good FTTC broadband connections around the country are, I've now disconnected the "white box" and put all of my network connections back to how they used to be.

A lot of useful information gathered over that time - my downstream data rate has been pretty constant at about 27Mbits/s (although the 38Mbits/s that I got for the first few months was more to my liking) and upstream is hovering around 5Mbits/s.

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