Swift Microwave Therapy - New Treatment for Verruca

An exciting new technology for treating stubborn verruca and warts called Swift Microwave Therapy has been developed in the UK. After seeing positive results in a clinical study, the treatment is now available in the UK, the US, Australia, and Canada, with more than 60,000 treatments completed worldwide.

Microwaves have been in medical use for more than 30 years, and are commonly used in the treatment of lung, liver, kidney and breast cancer. Microwaves treat to a predetermined depth, stimulating an immune response and allowing the body to attack the virus, replacing and regenerating infected tissue.

Unlike treatments such as lasers, electrosurgery and plasma, there is no dangerous smoke or vapour from the heat. The treatment is non-invasive, negating the need for anaesthetic or bandaging, enabling the patient to continue daily activities as normal after treatment. The treatment itself is administered in just a few seconds with the microwave probe - a great benefit compared to other treatments such as needling, where the infected tissue is repeatedly pierced with a needle over the a full hour long appointment. Further information can be found at www.treatverruca.com. There are more than 300 locations offering the treatment around the UK, and you can find a clinic here: www.treatverruca.com/book-an-appointment/

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