My Certificates

I've decided to put these on my web site ... well ... just because if I didn't, then they'd just be sitting in the bottom of one of my box folders and would never see the light of day. At least this way a digital image of them can see the light of day :-)


GEC Trainee Engineer EnTra Certificate of Verified Achievement EnTra & SCOTVEC Training

Doulos Comprehensive VHDL Doulos Xilinx Technology Class Doulos Expert VHDL Embedded Systems Development Embedded Linux Development Comprehensive PlanAhead Design Techniques

Mentor Graphics Design Architect training Mentor Graphics High Speed PCB Design training Mentor Graphics Minimising EMI Through PCB Design training Mentor Graphics High Speed PCB Design using Interconnect Systhesis

Mentor Graphics IO Designer Mentor Graphics Dx Designer for Expedition PCB

Slinging And Lifting Crane Operator

Altium Designer


BSc Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Certificate of 6th Year Studies 6th Year Qualifications 5th Year Qualifications 4th Year Qualifications SCOTVEC Modules

That blokes's a NUTTER

Tandem Freefall Skydive Gav's Bungey Jump Static Line Parachute Knockhill Rally Experience

Gav Walks Sydney Harbour Bridge Go Ape


Tacheback 2007 Tacheback 2007 Winner Tacheback 2008


ECR 90 Celebration Filght

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