The Cheviot


2673 feet (814m)


11th August 2003


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This was another walk with my mate Craig, but also joined by another two mates, Mark and Jamie.

A slightly smaller hill than those in the past so not a Munro as its below 3000 feet (plus, it's not in Scotland).

The weather forecast for the day was good with clear skies and patchy cloud. When we got there, visibility was very poor: about 100 feet at ground level and 20 feet at the top. We never-the-less did the walk as we had traveled an hour by car to reach it. A nice walk, but again my knees packed in coming down!


  1. The four of us: from left to right, Mark, Craig, Jamie and myself.
  2. The top, right at the end of the Pennine Way and that's not a dodgy photo ... that was the visibility!
  3. Having a bite to eat in the Scotsman's Cairn.
  4. nother pretty waterfall.

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