Eee 4G (701) Software Mods (Xandros)

(after fresh install from recovery media)

The first time I did one of the things mentioned below, namely when I copied the files from the writable partition to the [once] read only partition when removing the unionfs, I temporarily "bricked" my Eee, so I'd recommend starting from a fresh install from the recovery CD.

Files after modification:

Remove unionfs

This removes the read only partition and creates only one fully read/write partition.

Change the hostname

Rename the Eee to whatever you want.

Install 2Gig Kernel

(* if you have installed 2GBytes of RAM)
This allows the full 2 gigabytes of RAM to be accessed.

Install touchscreen drivers

(* if you have a touchscreen installed)
This will get the touchscreen to actually do something usefull.

Move Right Shift Key

(* if you've physically shifted the keys)
This swaps the up/PgUp key with right shift and the down/PgDn with right/End key.

Set up other Repositories

This allows quick access to loads of software.

Install Full Desktop

This allows the use of full KDE desktop.

Change Kicker Launch Icon

This shrinks the Kicker "Launch" button to free up a lot of space on the task bar.

Maximize Screenspace

Well it's a small screen, so let's have as much space as possible.

Automount the Flash Voyager on /home/user/My Documents

Saves destroying the internal SSD with lots of writes to "My Documents"

Then make it unmount the Flash Voyager properly!

Stops file corruption if you're saving a big file and then put it to sleep or shutdown. Need the following repository set up first in "/etc/apt/suurces" to install "lsof" xandros4.0-xn main
Write to SD cards as user

By default, only root can write to them.

Adjust Screensaver To Save Battery

Switches off the LCD backlight when the screensaver kicks in.

Control The Webcam

Allows swtiching the webcam on/off from the taskbar.

Configure the buttons on a Logitech VX Nano Mouse

(* do I need to say ... only if you have a VX Nano mouse?)
Allows access to the forward / back buttons.

Watch DVDs

(* you obviously need a USB external DVD reader)
This adds the libdvdcss to decode DVDs.

Upgrading OpenOffice

Install the latest version of OpenOffice.

Adding UK English dictionary to OpenOffice

We don't do American spellings!

Upgrade Pidgin

Install the latest version of Pidgin.

Get Pidgin to make sounds

Pidgin instant messanger can make it's normal sounds on Eee. Digg Facebook Google LinkedIn LiveJournal NewsVine reddit StumbleUpon Twitter
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