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dives : 60 | dive time : 36:00:50 | longest : 01:03:30 | deepest : 36.3m

2009-11-22 12:52:00

Dive Number: 35 (dive 2 of repetitive dive after a 2 hour 12 minute surface interval)
Dive time to date: 21:01:24
Dive site: Scotland, Bass Rock, North Face, (56°4'43"N 2°38'32"W)
[coordinates are my best guess]
Dive stats: 00:27:00 dive time to a maximum depth of 36.3 with 2m visibilty
Night ☐ Photo ☐ Wreck ☐
Water entry: Boat dive into salt water with waves and current
Temperature: Air : 11°C, Water : 11°C
Exposure protection: Dry suit, hood, gloves
Cylinder(s): Size : 15l (232bar), Start : 220bar, End : 110bar, O2 : 22%
Weight: 16kg belt
Instructor: Brian Anderson
Computer: [Hacked] Suunto Gekko
Notes: A bit darker and murkier this dive and the big torch packed in, so had to switch to my backup. Led the dive down, played with my Rubik's Cube and then came up. Left Brian at 5m as they were doing a surprise scenario for the newly qualified rescue divers.
Dive Profile:
2009-11-22 12:52:00

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