Gavin & Helen's Wedding Info - The Proposal

Picture the scene: the mild autumn evening of Saturday the 27th of September 2008 and I have a plan that has been in my mind for a couple of months (more about that later).

The evening starts off much like our very first date did (in fact, one could almost say the evening started off exactly like our first date), with me meeting Helen at the top of the Waverley steps in Edinburgh. I'd even made the effort to dress a little bit smarter than my normal combats and a t-shirt.

I didn't let her know where I'd booked dinner, or any other plans - much to Helen's frustration. Anyway, I decided we had time enough for a quick drink, so I headed in the direction of Mather's at the top of Broughton Street. Hmmm - I seam to recall a quick stop in here on our first date too!

After a swift G & T, a walk along Broughton Street Lane to the restaurant. There's definitely a sense of dejavu about this date! The restaurant was Phuket Pavilion on Union Street. A very nice Thai restaurant if you're interested!

So the scene was set and I'd achieved one of Dara O'Briain's three things required to propose (according to one of his stand up routines that I just happened to be watching with Helen a few weeks previous): the romantic setting of taking Helen on our first date.

The first of the three was gained a few weeks previous at her Uncle Nick's birthday gathering, when I asked her father Malcolm, for his daughter's hand in marriage. I think he was more shocked than I was nervous! Anyway permission was granted, so that's me up to two out of three.

That just left the third: the ring. Now there was no danger that I was even going to contemplate choosing an expensive ring - I didn't know her ring size and could never have guessed her preference in style. So, I took a different approach and got a solid silver band of an average size (my thought was that she'd wear it around her neck on a silver chain). Inside the ring was the inscription "YES NO YES NO YES NO YES NO" all around it.

So, all requirements met. However, I was hungry and not wanting to spoil a very nice dinner on the off chance that she'd say, "No," I held off until after we'd eaten LOL! After dinner I popped the question and ... well ... I'm sure that you can figure out what the answer was :-)

When Gavin made a point of saying that he was dressing up (i.e. not wearing combats) for dinner I did suspect he might have something up his sleeve. He wouldn't tell me where we were going for dinner but made sure we retraced the steps we took on our first date. I am not good coping with surprises and he kept me waiting... and waiting... but when he finally asked me to marry him, citing Dara O'Briain's comedy routine, I could hardly believe it. I just giggled! Of course, between my shocked giggles, I managed to say yes.

Gavin's plan had originally been to get the bus back to Gullane but I insisted that it was too special a night to get the bus so we splashed out on a taxi. And when we got back to Gullane we had a fantastic surprise. There was a power cut and all the street lights were out so we were treated to the sight of a beautifully black and starry night sky, unimpeded by light pollution. It felt like a movie scene. We had planned to go to the Clubhouse for champagne and they too were in darkness, and so the pub was lit solely by candles. It was the most perfect romantic setting for our first night as an engaged couple! Digg Facebook Google LinkedIn LiveJournal NewsVine reddit StumbleUpon Twitter
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