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Raspberry Pi - Picade

I'd actually been following Picade since its Kickstarter launch (although I didn't back it - I was very tempted though!). Anyway, I eventually ended up buying one, and it's pretty damn cool!

It's basically a mini arcade cabinet kit (which takes a couple of hours to assemble) in the style of a 70's (onwards) arcade machine albeit a tad smaller so that it sit's nicely on a desktop. It can accomodate up to a 12 inch LCD screen (I've gone with the kit's default 8 inch), and computer-wise, has holes pre-drilled for a Raspberry Pi / Beagle Board and a Mini-ITX. I've obviously opted for a Raspberry Pi 3 - meant me having to buy Pi number 11 in the house though!

Raspberry Pi - Picade

The control board with joystick and 6 buttons (which all connect to its own control board, and then to the computer) is good for one-player games, but if you (or the kids) want more players, then Retropie can accomodate USB / Bluetooth controllers too.

I've made a couple of little tweaks to the cabinet: brought two USB ports to the front panel for controllers (more convenient than opening the back door and plugging into the Pi there), and a key-switch to prevent the kids' unauthorised use!


Case: Pimoroni's Picade arcade cabinet (note that their new one is smaller)
Power: Mausberry Circuit's Shutdown circuit
Board: Rapsberry Pi 3 (version 1.2)
SoC: Broadcom BCM2837
CPU: 64-bit Quad-core (ARM Cortex-A53, ARMv8-A arch) @ 1.2Ghz
GPU: Broadcom VideoCore IV@ 400 MHz
Storage: Sandisk Ultra, class 10 (32GByte micro SDHC)
Sound: Picade's internal speakers, powered from Picade's PCB
(similar to Picade X HAT USB-C, which is their new version)
Monitor: Picade's original 8 inch LCD (800x600)
Additional Controllers: The Pi Hut's USB Gamepad ("SNES" Sytle)

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