2020-03-31 : New Wi-Fi Access Point

Netgear D7000 and TP-Link TP-WA1201

Nothing too exciting - another network device, but through necessity rather than a want/need.

Basically, the Netgear D7000 (pictured on the left), when configured to not use its internal DHCP server, doesn't always pass DHCP requests correctly: the DHCPDISCOVER and DHCPOFFER are okay, but then the DHCPREQUEST (and hence DHCPACK) don't pass through. It worked flawlessly for a year or two, but gradually lost functionality. No idea why!

It was initially doing this with the 2.45GHz access point, so I used my spare TP-Link TP-WR1043ND Wireless N Router ( Modified to run OpenWrt ) as a dedicated 2.45GHz access point. However it is now stopping the 5GHz access point too.

So, this new bit of kit: TP-Link TP-WA1201 AC1200 Access Point provides both 2.45GHz and 5GHz in a discrete box - I think discrete boxes are the way to go... these all-in-one units cost a lot to replace when one vital part of the unit stops functioning (hence why I had so many "spare" Wi-Fi Access point / ADSL modem / switch / router boxes at one point)!!!

Obviously, I've had to update my gigabit network wiring slightly to accomodate this :-)

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